Saturday, 5 April 2014

Multigrain Loaf

It's been a while. Sorry. Coursework definitely got the better of me over the past few weeks, however that is now over and done with (thank God) and so I just have the great task of revision to focus on! Although, there is still time to make bread. Because why wouldn't there be. It's bread. It's necessary for efficient revision. 

This was part of my bread-making mission during Lent (I've made a whole two loaves of bread... Not too impressive oops) and it was pretty damn tasty. Even though I had Nando's straight before, I still made space for a slice (or two) of bread. Definitely worth it. 

I've forgotten the recipe for this, so please accept my apologies for a lack of everything at the moment! I am planning on actually posting things over the next couple of weeks during my holidays, so watch this space... Also, prepare for the post-Easter baking boom. I cannot wait.