Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Easy Flower Sharpie Nail Art Tutorial

I love nail art. Love it. Unfortunately, no matter how many nail art brushes and kits I buy, I'm still terrible at it. Luckily, I've come up with a solution - sharpie nail art! This really is as easy as it sounds. As the weather's perked up a bit, I thought I'd get into the Spring mood with some pretty flowers on my nails!

Tools needed:

Nail varnish (I find white is the best - it doesn't affect the colour of the sharpies)
Assorted sharpies
Top coat (optional)

Step 1:

Apply two coats of nail varnish. Here, I used Model's Own in Snow White.

Step 2:

Colour in random blobs on your nails using the sharpies. If the sharpies get a little dry, rub the nib on a piece of paper and try again. 

Step 3:

Using a black sharpie and little pressure, draw little squiggles on the blobs of colour. I did two or three little lines in the middle, and some larger ones at the outer edges of the blob.

Step 4:

Get creative! On my thumb, I drew three blobs of colour next to one another, some straight lines to make the flowers look like they were being viewed side-on, and then with a green sharpie drew some stems. Super simple! On my ring finger, I drew a single flower with a stem.

Step 5 (optional):

Top coat. This is tricky - it smudges the black sharpie and can make everything quite messy. If you are insistent on using a top coat (it protects the sharpie much more - without one it's likely the nail art won't last much longer than two days), make sure you use large blobs of top coat (I used Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat - it doesn't take too long to dry so is great for this!) and go slowly. The easiest way to do this is by getting lots of top coat on the brush, and allowing it to blob onto the nail, and gently push it upwards. When you are putting top coat on top of black sharpie, try not to push it as it will smudge.

Step 6:

Admire your nails and instagram them! I did here.