Sunday, 16 March 2014


Lent. I am not religious, yet for some absurd reason I do it every year. I suppose I quite enjoy the challenge aspect of it - in a society where indulging is everything, sometime's it's good to deny yourself things. Of course, it isn't exactly fun, and my bright idea of giving up all stereotypically unhealthy things - chocolate, sweets, biscuits, brownies, pizza, chips... (writing this is making my mouth water) - is very hard for someone who eats them everyday and bakes 24/7. So, in an attempt to satisfy my 'I must bake before I collapse into a pile of chocolate' feelings, I decided maybe I should learn to bake bread. I know bread isn't exactly the healthiest of foods, but it's too tasty to cut out for 6 weeks.

My mum always makes bread, but this time I took the wheel and made the entire loaf myself. I'm quite proud - the only thing I've ever used yeast for before was these soft pretzels which don't require you to leave them to rise. I could have easily eaten the whole thing, but in the self-denying spirit of lent I limited myself to about three quarters of it. Just enough to enjoy some toasted with scrambled eggs this morning...

Next week, I'm going to attempt a granary loaf, and in the weeks after hopefully I'll progress onto more exciting recipes - my ultimate goal is to recreate the cheese and pumpkin seed loaf we buy from the Co-op, it is the best bread I have ever had. And I've had a lot of bread.

P.S do you like my new blog design? The amazing Becca redesigned it for me, for only £30! It's so pretty, I feel I need to post more to make full use of it!