Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Week #11

Welcome to a bumper-edition of The Week (that sounds like some sort of cool TV show or internet thing but no, it's just some photos of my life and me saying things underneath them). Last week I forgot to do this, and then I realised I had pretty much nothing to say except: coursework, ahhh panic, and coursework. Nothing much is different now, but I thought I should keep going with this anyway.

There's been a lot of food on my instagram recently, due to my need to consume vast quantities of sugar in order to complete any activity at all. My friend's mum made the amazing caterpillar cake shown above, I think it's something I will have to attempt in the near future! Also featured are some baby snaps of me, ever the beauty with my non-existent neck and exceptionally chubby cheeks. My mum came back from sorting out my nana's things with loads of photos of me, my brother & my sister when we were younger (most of the photos were of them, evidently I wasn't cool enough to be photographed as frequently) and I love looking at them, they're so sweet!

On Friday it's my brother & sister's 21st birthday, which is quite odd because I still think of them as being 18 (which is even weirder because now I'm 18). We're all going to a nice restaurant for tea, which is a pretty great way to start half term, especially as I will be spending the majority of half term either: procrastinating, eating or attempting revision. I am not looking forward to mocks one bit. 

On that note - coursework. It will be the death of me. I shall say no more, because I'd probably end up punching the computer in anger and frustration. Or just crying into a bowl of ice cream and dairy milk, I think that sounds a bit more fun.

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