Monday, 3 February 2014

Smartie Cookies #2

Maybe one day I'll make these cookies at a time when I can actually take some nice photos of them with proper light. Maybe one day I'll make anything which I can photograph in proper light. Or maybe not, it would appear I'm a nocturnal baker.

I wrote a post about these cookies last year, found here if you so wish to read it. It basically sums up my feelings about these cookies - if you are ever in doubt about what to bake, bake these. They are the best

I did bake some Mars Bar blondies on Friday, planning to have a pretty little post up on here on Saturday, but they failed me and were not the most photogenic of foods (by a long shot). They were pretty damn tasty though. Hopefully next weekend I'll have a chance to bake & photograph something because I can feel my ability to do anything except write essays and roll on the floor in anguish disappearing rapidly...