Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Red Velvet Cake

I think I may be one of the best procrastinators. Today, I had planned to do hours of geography revision for my A-Level mocks next week. In reality, I've written two pages of notes, baked a red velvet cake and had some wonderful pancakes for breakfast. Some may say it's been a productive day. I certainly think it was.

My mum made this cake for my sister last week for her birthday, and I wasn't allowed even the tines of slices because she took it back to her house to eat with friends. So, I baked my own. I think it's probably nicer than the one my mum made... 

I also used a tripod for today's shoot. It got pretty exciting, what can I say? I think I may have persuaded myself that a tripod is actually a good idea and results in way better photos than using my own hands.

Now my big question is just: when will the weather improve?! I'm fed up with the dreariness. I need light for photographs and maybe some sunshine would inspire me to actually go outside (pah, I kid). However, I am really excited for summer now. This morning, I woke up to an offer notification from my final university, meaning I've now heard from all of them (hence the celebratory pancakes). All I have to do now is actually get the grades - which won't happen if I keep baking instead of working... Maybe I should go back to work now.

The recipe for this cake is Jane Brocket's, found in her book Vintage Cakes (you should buy it it's really good).