Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Week #8

In the words of Britney Spears, 'Oops, I did it again'. No, I didn't play with your heart, but I did completely fail to post this week. I baked! I photographed! But I failed. The light was non-existent (yeah, light, it's all your fault) so the photos turned out quite poorly. I also went back to school, which meant running round the house procrastinating instead of doing holiday work for a couple of days, and then waking up before the sunrise and blindly pulling on the nearest jumper, so that cut down my available blogging time. 

My main annoyance about school is the breakfast-lag. This is a term I coined just now, referring to the fact that I have breakfast around 7am, then school starts at 9am, before a break at 11.30am. How am I meant to get through 4 and a half hours without food?! I swear, this is some sort of evil plot to slim me down (it isn't working - take that society). My tummy always rumbles halfway through the first lesson, it's quite embarrassing, especially when everyone's silently analysing Slyvia Plath (that's another thing - how can anyone read Sylvia Plath without wanting to exclaim 'I have lived like a foot/For thirty years ' at the top of their voice? - see this video for inspiration. If you ever want to annoy anyone, just learn the first two stanzas and quote them incessantly. Ask my mum, she's been getting quite frustrated that my response to everything is 'You do not do, you do not do/Any more...').

In other news, everything's flooded. Well, not everything, the flood is far from our house, but it is exciting. We don't get much excitement where I live, so a flood = a big day out. At least, my dad and I took a walk down to the river to see the flooding. It was all across the road, and pretty deep in some areas. 

Fingers crossed I will actually post something this coming week, I will probably spend most of my time face-down on the kitchen table spouting Sylvia Plath quotes interspersed with Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl' as my brain melts due to the sudden surge of coursework and note making and revision which will be forced upon me, but I'll try to take a break from that to bake something/photograph something/ramble about something.

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