Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Week #10

Well, this post is two dates late. Oops! I really need to improve my blogging frequency and punctuality...

As you can see, the past week consisted mainly of eating and writing essays in the library. I hate coursework so much. Once I hand in History and English next Monday, I have to launch straight into the second piece of History and start revising for mocks, as well as making my English draft actually good. That should be fun. This weekend I have to write about 50 essays, so watch out for some crazy photos on instagram...

I went to the Rock & Rose restaurant in Kew on Friday, and my God the food is good. I had some amazing squid for my starter which filled me up, but I valiantly battled on, finishing my cheeseburger and chips, before being defeated by a white chocolate and passionfruit cheesecake. I managed about 2/3rds of it, which isn't too bad, but not up to my usual standards. On Saturday I went to Pizza East in Shoreditch (told you it was a food weekend - not forgetting the cake I baked - and ate - on Saturday as well), which, if you haven't been/heard of, is amazing. The pizza itself was incredible, but the cinnamon doughnuts which I had for pudding were beyond brilliant. They were bitesized pieces of sugary, doughy amazingness which is making my mouth water as I remember it. I think I must have put on about a stone this weekend (definitely worth it).

In other news, I am absolutely shattered. Something has gone wrong with my sleeping pattern, and I wake up at about 4am every morning. According to a 'motivational' speech I was listening to in the gym, successful people wake up at 3am because it means they get a '5 hour start on the world'. I do not understand how anyone could be successful feeling as sleepy as I do, I'd fall asleep during meetings. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a millionaire. Unless I win the lottery, that would be fab.

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