Sunday, 19 January 2014

Marshmallow Icing

I have experimented. I actually made something new and it worked. This is exciting (for me, at least... You may lead a life which is actually exciting). These cakes were the product of a procrastination session which included baking a recipe for 'the best chocolate cupcakes' from the internet - I'm never trusting it again when it comes to recipes (except for the cookie dough brownie recipe I've been eyeing up for a week or two...) - and flicking through numerous recipe books.

The chocolate cupcakes ended up being the same, standard chocolate cake recipe I've always used (if it ain't broke, don't fix it n all that), but the icing is marshmallow icing from the Primrose Bakery recipe. I am in love. This icing is so cool - not only does it give you a huge sugar rush, but it also tastes like marshmallow fluff and is so light you could eat the whole bowl without a second thought (that totally didn't happen...).

The Primrose Bakery has consistently gone up in my estimations, and my little taste-testers (aka friends) certainly approved of the icing. So did my dad, but that's not exactly a surprise. I wasn't sure that the icing would work with chocolate cake, but I was surprised by the end result - chocolate cake doesn't always need chocolate icing, it would seem. Next time I make this, I'm definitely covering a whole cake with it. It's fab! I'm not going to re-write their recipe (just buy the book it's fab) but if you're super stingy you can find it on multiple internet sites after a quick google.