Monday, 13 January 2014

China 2013

I wrote a post about visiting Beijing back in November, with the promise I would write about Souzhou and Shanghai at a later date. That never happened, because, as we have established, I am awful at sticking to blogging goals. It's a shame really, because I took some (if I say so myself) brilliant photos. Maybe I'll share them another time (or, most likely, I won't). Unless you're someone I know, in which case I've probably treated you to about 5 slideshows of them already.

Anyway, please enjoy this video I made for the upcoming school assembly about the trip. I also have to talk about meeting a women's group in Shanghai in front of the whole school in said assembly, which is quite unfortunate because I've spent 6 and a half years avoiding any participation in assembly (and the past two years or so boycotting assembly itself, much to the displeasure of my form tutor).