Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Week #5

This past week has clearly been dominated by baking. In my opinion, there isn't a much better way to spend a Christmas holiday. However, I think the time I've spent baking was probably meant to have been spent memorising Chaucer and facts about the French Revolution, but oh well...

I have managed to leave the house a few times, including to make a bit of money babysitting (maybe I will be able to afford to get my mum a present after all...) and to go to a friend's 18th. I have a Christmas party tonight which I'm quite excited for, mostly because it involves sitting in a Christmas present costume on the train, which I'm sure will embarrass my travelling companion, and what's not fun about that?

However, I'm not that excited for actual Christmas. This year I think everything's just gone too far in the traditional overhyping of Christmas, with all these adverts and the pressure to spend all the money you've ever possessed on some random object you would never buy in the hope of impressing someone who you don't particularly like. Christmas baking is still exciting (and hopefully I'll get a nice present or two - I'm not against people spending money on me #doublestandards) so I'm looking forward to what I'm baking over the coming week. I'm sure once Christmas comes around it'll be fun, and I'll move out of my grinch mindset!