Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Week #4

School is done for the year! Finally! I am so tired I'm almost delusional, so this holiday could not come at a better time. However, now that the weekend's over I'm going to have to force myself to start all my holiday work tomorrow... I wonder how successful that will be.

A more exciting aspect of the Christmas holidays is that I will be blogging as much as I possibly can! This week will be a big one, with loads of recipes and make up reviews, so watch out! The first of my 12 days of Christmas baking shall (hopefully) be up tomorrow!

The past few days have actually been really fun. We had our 6th Form pantomime on Friday, where the Upper Sixth perform a panto which we've written and directed, and most of the teachers join in - definitely the highlight of the term. I was dressed up as one of the boys from the school next door to ours, which is always a fun character to play! Last night I went to a Las Vegas themed party, safe to say it was pretty glam (until people had too much of the open bar and things got a little bit messy...).

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening on the settee watching a good film, before a nice bath and then an early night! Sounds pretty perfect if you ask me.

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