Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Week #2

Finally, it's all over! All stressing and extra reading and worrying is done - I've done everything I can for university applications, and now I just have to wait. Luckily, I've received 3 offers, and one of them is from my joint-1st choice so I'm more than happy (and relieved)! The only downside is that now I don't have any excuse for not handing all my essays in on time!

Another great thing is that now it's December, I can eat chocolate again! I gave it up for November, but that's all over now, and opening my advent calendar was a great start to the day - a year-long calendar should definitely be created. We went and bought tinsel yesterday, something I didn't think I'd ever see in the house. I've appointed myself head of the Christmas Tree Committee (consisting of just me) and this year, it's going to get crazy...

I've been making a lot of use of the blender recently, and banana milkshakes have become my speciality. The one above uses a frozen banana, some almond milk and a little vanilla essence - add some cocoa powder and boom, chocolate & banana milkshake. No added sugar, really healthy - it's a brilliant start to a day (accompanied by chocolate from the aforementioned advent calendar, of course).

I'm venturing off to see Russell Howard this evening, so I better get going on completing this essay... Wish me luck!