Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Duffin // A Review

Duffin - Available at Starbucks

Some people have crazy lives, some people prefer to sample and review weird food hybrids. I'm definitely in the latter category. I came across this on a recent lunch pilgrimage with my friends, and I was excited. Like, slightly too excited, it felt like Christmas had come early... Until I tasted it.

The duffin is a mix between a muffin and a doughnut, as the name would suggest. However, it tastes neither muffin-y nor doughnut-y. It's a real shame. The consistency of the actual muffin is very stodgy and thick, and the only aspects of a doughnut are the jam - very sparse, a disappointing effort - and the sugary coating, one of the only appealing aspects.

This is a bit of a failure of a hybrid food, I'm afraid. The actual cake part needs to be a lot lighter and fluffier, and more jam is called for! It's basically just a thick, dense muffin with some jam in it. If you come across this at Starbucks, maybe just choose a reliable chocolate or blueberry muffin instead.