Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Buildings in Shanghai, China. Visiting China was probably the best experience I had in 2013.

At the beginning of the year, I made some resolutions. I think that's quite a common theme around this time of year. In case you missed the post, which you probably did because no one read my blog at the beginning of the year, it's here.

I actually stuck to some of my resolution quite well I think. At least, I stuck to my main one for about 3/4 of the year - I gave something up for about 9 months out of 12, that's not too bad if you think that I spent 25% of 2013 not eating chocolate. That's quite impressive for someone with as big a sweet tooth as me! My 'trying hard at school' resolution also went quite well, except for the contributing in class bit... That's never going to happen. Anyway, I think it's time to set myself a new set of goals to strive towards!

Let's see:

1. Do something each day which I do not want to do/that scares me. 
   This basically just means going to the gym if I really don't feel like it, talking to a stranger, writing an essay, etc. etc. I think it'd be good to start doing new things and to stop procrastinating so much! Especially if I get into university, in which case I'll be forcing myself to make new friends and sign up to new things!

2. Hit the gym 3 times a week, and blog 3 times a week. Minimum.

   Again, I need to force myself to do these things. No four days must pass without any physical activity! I refuse to be the chubby one when I'm on holiday with friends in Summer - watch out Cyprus. I also want to keep up my blogging, so I'm going to aim for 3 posts a week. I better stick to this resolution!

3. Make someone's day as often as possible.

    Compliment people, surprise people, do good things without expecting anything in return. It sounds a bit goody-two-shoes but I just want to make people happier. It seems like a fun thing to do.

4. Take an active interest in more things.

   I thought of this about 2 seconds ago, but it sounds quite good. This means getting more involved in things which I find interesting - feminism, politics, photography, architecture, the list continues. Who knows, some politically motivated posts could show up in the next year...

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year!