Monday, 2 December 2013


Swanage Beach, 2011

Sorry to state the obvious, but it's December. I'm not a big one for 'festive spirit', although compared to my family of grinches I'm positively overflowing with Christmas excitement. All I can focus on is getting to the end of the next two weeks - I will finally have a holiday! I took the photo above a couple of years ago with friends, it's one of my favourite photos. It reminds me that there is always a summer after all this hard work!

This term has been so hectic, and I am experiencing a serious loss of motivation. Here are some things I've been using to pick my spirits up and push myself through the dark days of December!

The Wire - This song by HAIM has been playing on a loop in the kitchen, and it really perks you up!

Chocolate Chip Cookies - I've been experimenting with different recipes, and my ultimate guide will hopefully be up soon... But I've definitely dived headfirst into a pool of chocolate in the past two days, but there's something about chocolate chip cookies that just gives me sugary joy.

'Tis Pity She's a Whore - Ok, so I have been forced to read this for English Lit, but it is actually really enjoyable. Maybe not something to suggest at a book club, but great for a bit of morbid entertainment on a cold evening.

8Tracks - This is truly a godsend. Want to chill out? Want pure workout motivation? Want to listen to baking music? There is a playlist for everything, and the music (provided you find the kind you like) is great, introducing you to loads of new artists. I honestly can't recommend this website more.

Russell Howard - After seeing him yesterday, he has easily slipped into my top 3 comedians! On that note, any comedy is a lifesaver at the minute - especially Gogglebox, our family's new favourite show!

Bright Nail Varnish - Everyone's all about dark, sultry colours at the moment, but nothing cheers me up like a fluorescent nail varnish! Model's Own offer some of the best shades, my ever-expanding collection is testament to that fact! Also, anything with glitter is brilliant at the minute too... I'm easy to please.

These are just some of my quick pick-me-up ideas, I would love to hear your suggestions below!