Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Day 9: Christmas Cake

Ok, today's post is a little bit of a cheat, as the actual cake was made a few weeks ago, and all I did today was ice it and decorate it. I did, however, make a cake which I'm planning on transforming into a yule log tomorrow, so technically I have baked today! 

The cake and the icing were made using Nigel Slater's recipes in his book 'The Kitchen Diaries', so I won't be writing the recipes down below in case they track me down and kill me for stealing... (also, I'm shattered and can't really be bothered, sorry). I will write down the decorating instructions in the next paragraph though!

I covered the cake in apricot jam which had been warmed and sieved to remove any lumps, before rolling out marzipan to cover the cake. Instead of attempting to cover the whole cake in one go, I cut a circle using the cake tin which the cake was baked in as a template, and put that on the top. I then worked out the height of the cake and cut strips of marzipan and put them on the sides of the cake. 

Next, I made the icing (I used Billington's unrefined golden icing sugar, which is why the icing isn't white) and ruffled it up using the palette knife to make it look a bit 'snowy'. After that, I used the left over marzipan to make a few Christmas-themed decorations - hence the yellow tree and the limited colour palette!