Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 10: Yule Log

Merry Christmas! Today's offering is a very festive yule log - easily my favourite Christmas pudding. This disappeared from the table pretty quickly (not hard when there's 13 people all hankering for some chocolate) so I think it went down well... 

I've made this every Christmas for the past few years, ever since I bought myself the Nigella Christmas book with book vouchers for a school prize - I'm easily the definition of cool, right? 

I'm a big fan of this cake - it doesn't take very long to make, and it looks lovely. Plus, chocolate.

Currently, the whole family are sitting round the table playing a homemade version of 'Would I Lie To You', so I don't want to miss out by spending ages on the computer! I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas!