Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Week #1

The cutest dog in the world?!, Festive nails, Matching lippy and top,
Out n about, Posing with the dog, My new Harry Styles cut out!
Twinings Christmas tea, Chalkboard!, Green smoothie (surprisingly tasty)

Welcome to my weekly life updates (because you know you wanted to know more). This is a new thing I want to do on here, in a bid to get me to start blogging more frequently! 

The week has largely been dominated by (not doing) work. Essays galore, so much fun! Add to that the incredible amount of reading which I am yet to do, and it's a recipe for a disaster, especially in my impending interview. Which I am dreading. But on the plus side, it's my mum's birthday on the same day, so fingers crossed I get a nice lunch out of it.

The Twinings Jasmine Pearl Green Tea baubles in the photo above are my favourite things right now! Each bauble comes with posh tea bags inside, and the tea is incredible! It tastes just like the stuff we tried during a tea tasting session in China, which I didn't think I'd be able to find back in England!

My main goal at the moment is to add more to my Youtube channel, as the one video I have posted is getting a little lonely! I bough a chalkboard (above) to document my to do lists, it'll be soon up in my room to remind me to film things!

The upcoming work is going to filled with reading my eyes out to prepare myself, but, by the end of the week, everything to do with university applications will be done! I won't have to think about it any more! Which means (much to my mum's disapproval) I can turn my attentions to Christmas! There have been rumours that there will be a REAL tree this year, which will be in stark contrast to the one we had last year... I have appointed myself head of the Christmas Tree Committee, which means there will be tinsel. I repeat, there will be tinsel. I also need to think about presents (and how to buy them for free without stealing - watch this space for some DIY present ideas...).

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