Sunday, 24 November 2013

Scaredy Cake

Ok, so these aren't exactly petrifying portrayals of dinosaurs, but look at those eyes... They're plotting something sinister, you can bet on it.

For my birthday, I was given a couple of baking sets, one them being this dinosaur one. It's brilliant! The kit comes with cake cases, the little dinosaur heads, and green spiky decorations. The cases even have legs and a tail printed on them!

When I took these into school (it was my turn to make cakes for our History class) I got told 'they're very green!!!!!!' quite a few times. But come on - all or nothing, right? Anyway, who knows, there may have been a dinosaur which was practically fluorescent. They're lucky I didn't have any green glitter lying around...

The kit is a Wilton product, found here on their website. On that note, how great is the website?! I could easily spend a few years hours on that! Wouldn't mind a few new cake decorating things...