Saturday, 30 November 2013

Revlon Suede Lipstick in 010

Hmm, how to start this review. This lipstick, in my opinion, didn't live up to expectation. It glides on brilliantly, but after a few moments it starts to feel quite sticky and tacky, and that's accompanied by that smell that seems to emanate from the make up products which used to come free on little girls' magazines. On top of all this, the shade I picked was probably not the best choice - it almost blended in with my lip colour, and the glitter in it makes it look quite dated and old. 

Sadly, I didn't find this lipstick anywhere near as good as I was hoping, but maybe my colour choice really influenced my judgement! If I pop back into Boots soon (and as long as that 3 for 2 offer's still going, I will be), I may buy it in another shade to compare - the claims made by Revlon about this lipstick should surely have some basis! Revlon are usually such a reliable company, but this lipstick just let it down a little.

On a different note - apparently it's nearly impossible to post a comment on this blog. I have switched the settings to a 3rd party commenting system, but it will only let you post comments when you're viewing the actual post, so if you want to leave a comment make sure you click the link/title at the top of the post and the comment section should be at the bottom!