Friday, 8 November 2013

Birthday Rainbow Cake

Shoutout to Jane (mummykins) for blogging about this before I even realised I had turned 18. How rude (though her photo was much better than any I took on the 18th celebration of the day of my birth).

For my 15th birthday, I made a very similar cake (see post here), and this year I wanted to re-create it, but more spectacularly. I was initially aiming for 7 layers, but due to a colour catastrophe I only ended up with 6. I think 6 was enough. Especially when the mammoth task of icing the cake came around...

^^ Beautiful shot of kitchen roll right there...

I honestly don't know how people can enjoy their birthdays without baking a cake. People think I'm weird for insisting on making my own cake, but if someone else made it how would I 1. have any fun?! 2. know it was going to be good? By making my own cake, I'm ensuring top quality - sorry, Jane, but your birthday cakes ain't got nothing on mine. Though you do take some pretty pictures.

In conclusion, I love this cake, and I'm proud of it. Go me right? Especially as I returned from China the evening before, and had had a maximum of 3 hours sleep. I would put a recipe and instructions below, but that is too much effort in these stress-addled times I'm afraid. 

Basically: make a huge amount of cake batter, split it into different bowls, colour it your chosen colours, bake it in layers, let them cool, ice them, throw rainbow nerds/skittles/sweets on top.

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