Thursday, 7 November 2013


Children: you asked, I answered. Fear not. I heard your cries. I present to you, the highly (un)requested first instalment of my trip to China. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... BEIJING. 

Well, I'll show you some photos I took.

After a 10 hour flight (on which I slept a total of 0 hours and 0 seconds), we arrived in Beijing at 9am, ready for a full on day... We met some nice people at a school, and I was thrown into the noodles at the deep end without a fork. I repeat, without a fork. These food rakes were not to reappear for the whole 10 days. For some reason, I still didn't manage to lose any weight... Maybe it was the noodles. 

Anyway, after stumbling blindly through the pollution, we made it to bed and woke up (after a brilliant 12 hour sleep, thank you Holiday Inn) to SUN. Sun in Beijing?! "Impossible!" I hear you cry - but alas, it is the truth. Look at the pictures of the Forbidden City if you don't believe me.

Seeing the Forbidden City in all its glory was pretty amazing, the fact that it has survived for so long is incredible in itself (thanks Zhou Enlai) . It is huuuuge, though after a while the buildings do begin to look the same. When we arrived, we stood for a good 20 minutes being stared at and asked to take photos with, I wont lie to you - It was quite fun to feel famous. After the Forbidden City, we hit the Olympic Park for a quick windy walkabout.

And now, to relive the torture...

The next day was all about One Big Thing: The Great Wall of China. I'd like to contest the word 'Great' in that title - when you're halfway up a giant staircase with a nosebleed, you don't really see it as a very 'great' place to be. Then again, I suppose there are some aspects to it which make it more than just a 'good' or 'acceptable' wall. However, I did make the fatal error of underestimating the steepness of the steps...

After finally making it down from the wall, and buying a rather trendy hat, we headed off to Tiananmen Square. Thanks to our cheeky tour guide, we nimbly side-stepped the security and headed in to be confronted by some pretty intimidating architecture (Communists, I applaud you) and loads of people vying to get a glimpse of the (in)famous portrait of Mao. And a giant bouquet! At one point we stopped to take a photo, within seconds we were surrounded by people asking to take photos with us, and we ended up standing in a line with different people jumping into the photo for a good 30 minutes... #fameatlast.

Right, wow, that was a lot of photos. Next post to expect in this series: Suzhou. 

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