Saturday, 30 November 2013

Revlon Suede Lipstick in 010

Hmm, how to start this review. This lipstick, in my opinion, didn't live up to expectation. It glides on brilliantly, but after a few moments it starts to feel quite sticky and tacky, and that's accompanied by that smell that seems to emanate from the make up products which used to come free on little girls' magazines. On top of all this, the shade I picked was probably not the best choice - it almost blended in with my lip colour, and the glitter in it makes it look quite dated and old. 

Sadly, I didn't find this lipstick anywhere near as good as I was hoping, but maybe my colour choice really influenced my judgement! If I pop back into Boots soon (and as long as that 3 for 2 offer's still going, I will be), I may buy it in another shade to compare - the claims made by Revlon about this lipstick should surely have some basis! Revlon are usually such a reliable company, but this lipstick just let it down a little.

On a different note - apparently it's nearly impossible to post a comment on this blog. I have switched the settings to a 3rd party commenting system, but it will only let you post comments when you're viewing the actual post, so if you want to leave a comment make sure you click the link/title at the top of the post and the comment section should be at the bottom! 

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Gilded Rose

Is this love?! I know the second photo isn't exactly in focus, but my camera likes to do this thing where it doesn't focus and I get fed up... Apologies. Back to the nail varnish - it is spectacular! This is beyond perfect for festive nails! The colour takes a few coats to build up sufficiently, but once it does the glitter looks amazing. There's something about the shade which makes it just that little bit different to (the many) other gold glitter nail varnishes out there - I think it's slightly lighter, and it is quite rose-gold toned (as the name would suggest) making it perfect for that stand-out-wow nail for the Christmas season!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Another Brocket Birthday

Unlike me, my mum doesn't see making her own birthday cake as a vital part of her birthday celebrations. To be honest, she doesn't see celebrating as vital either. Neither would I if I were turning 70... (jokes mum, jkz). 

Nonetheless, I persevered and forced cake making to occur. She did come all the way to [insert university here not giving anything away] with me for my interview on her birthday, so the least I could do was bake her self-confessed favourite cake. It's her Natural Lemon Cake from The Gentle Art Of Domesticity (what a mouthful) and it is daaamn good.

Thank you for coming with me mum, and happy birthday! You're the best :)

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wishlist #2

Wishlist #2

  1. Tartan Scarf - Who doesn't want one of these?! Tartan is 'in' at the minute, but I just love the boldness and brightness of this!
  2. Contrast Collar Dress - Again, another 'in' item, but collars are high in my list at the moment! 
  3. Eyeshadow Palette - Oh how I wish I were an eyeshadow person... I've never really been into eyeshadow, but at the moment I'm hoping to jump into it head on. First thing I need is some eyeshadow, and the Sleek palettes are a cheap and easy foray into the world of eyelid decoration!
  4. Tshirt - Basics, basics, basics. I'm lacking horribly in the tshirt/jumper area, and I've resorted to wearing the same jumper to school about 3 times a week (hopefully no one will notice...).
  5. Sparkly/embellished Top - Statement sistaaah! It's almost December - time to break out the sequins and gems in my opinion!
  6. Jewellery - Big, bold rings and necklaces are working their way up my 'must have' list! Like the eyeshadow, I've never been a jewellery person, but alas, I must change that!
  7. Handbag - I just love this bag.
  8. Rose Gold Watch - I fell in love with the Michael Kors watches, but sadly I do not have that kind of money lying around to spend on what it, in my opinion (and the age of smartphones) a fancy bracelet.
  9. Grey Beanie - Admittedly, I have far too many beanies. But there's always room for one more...
  10. Nails Inc Snowflake Polish - It looks amazing!
  11. Collar Top - It's so pretty... And it looks like a perfect top to wear to school - smart yet not over-sophisticated. Great with jeans!
  12. Checked Shirt - Aaaah how I want one (or five)! Simple, cool, casual, comfy - the perfect thing to wear on lazy days.
  13. iPhone Case - My poor little beautiful iPhone is lying naked without a case. I'm quite concerned that I'll start dropping it soon (my old Blackberry could take a beating, but this phone is too pretty - and fragile - to drop). I love this Lazy Oaf one, it's eye-catching yet also really pretty.
On a Polyvore-related note, it won't 'clip' anything from New Look, so all my clothes-hunting sadly can't be shared... Also, Missguided only show photos of their clothes on models, which one again doesn't work for my Polyvore format! Ah, the shame. I think I'll live.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Week #1

The cutest dog in the world?!, Festive nails, Matching lippy and top,
Out n about, Posing with the dog, My new Harry Styles cut out!
Twinings Christmas tea, Chalkboard!, Green smoothie (surprisingly tasty)

Welcome to my weekly life updates (because you know you wanted to know more). This is a new thing I want to do on here, in a bid to get me to start blogging more frequently! 

The week has largely been dominated by (not doing) work. Essays galore, so much fun! Add to that the incredible amount of reading which I am yet to do, and it's a recipe for a disaster, especially in my impending interview. Which I am dreading. But on the plus side, it's my mum's birthday on the same day, so fingers crossed I get a nice lunch out of it.

The Twinings Jasmine Pearl Green Tea baubles in the photo above are my favourite things right now! Each bauble comes with posh tea bags inside, and the tea is incredible! It tastes just like the stuff we tried during a tea tasting session in China, which I didn't think I'd be able to find back in England!

My main goal at the moment is to add more to my Youtube channel, as the one video I have posted is getting a little lonely! I bough a chalkboard (above) to document my to do lists, it'll be soon up in my room to remind me to film things!

The upcoming work is going to filled with reading my eyes out to prepare myself, but, by the end of the week, everything to do with university applications will be done! I won't have to think about it any more! Which means (much to my mum's disapproval) I can turn my attentions to Christmas! There have been rumours that there will be a REAL tree this year, which will be in stark contrast to the one we had last year... I have appointed myself head of the Christmas Tree Committee, which means there will be tinsel. I repeat, there will be tinsel. I also need to think about presents (and how to buy them for free without stealing - watch this space for some DIY present ideas...).

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Scaredy Cake

Ok, so these aren't exactly petrifying portrayals of dinosaurs, but look at those eyes... They're plotting something sinister, you can bet on it.

For my birthday, I was given a couple of baking sets, one them being this dinosaur one. It's brilliant! The kit comes with cake cases, the little dinosaur heads, and green spiky decorations. The cases even have legs and a tail printed on them!

When I took these into school (it was my turn to make cakes for our History class) I got told 'they're very green!!!!!!' quite a few times. But come on - all or nothing, right? Anyway, who knows, there may have been a dinosaur which was practically fluorescent. They're lucky I didn't have any green glitter lying around...

The kit is a Wilton product, found here on their website. On that note, how great is the website?! I could easily spend a few years hours on that! Wouldn't mind a few new cake decorating things...

Saturday, 16 November 2013


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Friday, 8 November 2013

Birthday Rainbow Cake

Shoutout to Jane (mummykins) for blogging about this before I even realised I had turned 18. How rude (though her photo was much better than any I took on the 18th celebration of the day of my birth).

For my 15th birthday, I made a very similar cake (see post here), and this year I wanted to re-create it, but more spectacularly. I was initially aiming for 7 layers, but due to a colour catastrophe I only ended up with 6. I think 6 was enough. Especially when the mammoth task of icing the cake came around...

^^ Beautiful shot of kitchen roll right there...

I honestly don't know how people can enjoy their birthdays without baking a cake. People think I'm weird for insisting on making my own cake, but if someone else made it how would I 1. have any fun?! 2. know it was going to be good? By making my own cake, I'm ensuring top quality - sorry, Jane, but your birthday cakes ain't got nothing on mine. Though you do take some pretty pictures.

In conclusion, I love this cake, and I'm proud of it. Go me right? Especially as I returned from China the evening before, and had had a maximum of 3 hours sleep. I would put a recipe and instructions below, but that is too much effort in these stress-addled times I'm afraid. 

Basically: make a huge amount of cake batter, split it into different bowls, colour it your chosen colours, bake it in layers, let them cool, ice them, throw rainbow nerds/skittles/sweets on top.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Children: you asked, I answered. Fear not. I heard your cries. I present to you, the highly (un)requested first instalment of my trip to China. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... BEIJING. 

Well, I'll show you some photos I took.

After a 10 hour flight (on which I slept a total of 0 hours and 0 seconds), we arrived in Beijing at 9am, ready for a full on day... We met some nice people at a school, and I was thrown into the noodles at the deep end without a fork. I repeat, without a fork. These food rakes were not to reappear for the whole 10 days. For some reason, I still didn't manage to lose any weight... Maybe it was the noodles. 

Anyway, after stumbling blindly through the pollution, we made it to bed and woke up (after a brilliant 12 hour sleep, thank you Holiday Inn) to SUN. Sun in Beijing?! "Impossible!" I hear you cry - but alas, it is the truth. Look at the pictures of the Forbidden City if you don't believe me.

Seeing the Forbidden City in all its glory was pretty amazing, the fact that it has survived for so long is incredible in itself (thanks Zhou Enlai) . It is huuuuge, though after a while the buildings do begin to look the same. When we arrived, we stood for a good 20 minutes being stared at and asked to take photos with, I wont lie to you - It was quite fun to feel famous. After the Forbidden City, we hit the Olympic Park for a quick windy walkabout.

And now, to relive the torture...

The next day was all about One Big Thing: The Great Wall of China. I'd like to contest the word 'Great' in that title - when you're halfway up a giant staircase with a nosebleed, you don't really see it as a very 'great' place to be. Then again, I suppose there are some aspects to it which make it more than just a 'good' or 'acceptable' wall. However, I did make the fatal error of underestimating the steepness of the steps...

After finally making it down from the wall, and buying a rather trendy hat, we headed off to Tiananmen Square. Thanks to our cheeky tour guide, we nimbly side-stepped the security and headed in to be confronted by some pretty intimidating architecture (Communists, I applaud you) and loads of people vying to get a glimpse of the (in)famous portrait of Mao. And a giant bouquet! At one point we stopped to take a photo, within seconds we were surrounded by people asking to take photos with us, and we ended up standing in a line with different people jumping into the photo for a good 30 minutes... #fameatlast.

Right, wow, that was a lot of photos. Next post to expect in this series: Suzhou. 

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