Friday, 11 October 2013

Wishlist #1

Wishlist #1

1. A Cream Lace Dress - I've been wanting a nice 'dainty' kind of dress for a while now, to toughen up with my new biker jacket and some boots!
2. Shoulder Cut Out T-Shirt - I love this one from H&M, and I've been dying to try out this trend for ages now, so this budget buy is a great way to see if I like it.
3. Oversize Coat - These are a staple for winter, and this grey one from Topshop is such a lovely colour! I know it's all about baby pink this year, but I love grey too much!
4. Black Boots - I NEED these! I've been searching up and down for a pair of black lace up boots since seeing these on llymlrs which went out of stock before I could buy them!
5. Paler Boots - My lovely pale fleshy coloured boots from Topshop fell apart today! I think these brown ones would be a perfect replacement.
6. Brown Bag - Who doesn't need a pretty brown bag, right?
7. Rings -  The tooth ring in this collection drew me in straight away, I love it!
8. Beanie - I left my beanie on the plane back from Iceland in Easter, and I desperately need one for winter. Dark beanies are a must, and this one from Topshop fits the bill wonderfully.
9. Dark Lipstick - Now that the weather's getting colder, I feel I need to get a darker lipstick to start vamping myself up a little. Barry M's offering is pretty purse-friendly, so even if I hate it I can live with myself for trying it!
10. Statement Sweatshirt - Apparently, these will be big this winter! But I've loved 1991 Inc's jumpers for so long now, I just wish I could afford one! This biosloth infinite one is incredible, but I love their trippy cats and giant doughnuts too! 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant

I love the concept behind this - a quick spray of moisturiser before you get dressed, rather than slathering on the body butter. It's a great idea, and the product just about lives up to expectations. In order to get the moisturiser to spray, it has to be pretty runny, and I find that the liquidness of it prevents it from drying as quickly as promised. That being said, it doesn't take too long to dry. It moisturises well, though not as well as my pot of the Vaseline cocoa butter  does! If you're in a hurry, or hate coating yourself in a thick layer of products, then this is definitely for you. It's so useful when you just don't have time to wander around air drying before going out, so well done Vaseline!