Sunday, 1 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

I love this lip balm. It 's moisturising, it adds a lovely subtle colour to your lips, and it is cheaaaap! I haven't seen something of this high a quality in the shops for so little in a long time. 

When I bought this balm, I didn't properly look at the colour until I had paid for it and taken it out of the packaging. I was quite shocked when I saw it, expecting something pale and wishy-washy, but instead being greeted by what looks like neon pink lip balm. However, my doubts were squashed when I put it on, as the balm goes on very lightly and adds just a hint of colour, rather than full on bright pink. It is perfect for daytime use as it isn't too eye catching and you can put it on without a mirror, which is always a bonus. The actual product smells amazing, and it doesn't rub off as quickly as I was expecting, considering it is a lip balm. It really moisturised my lips and now I've found myself with it constantly in my bag, as the colour goes with everything!

Once this one runs out, I'll definitely be picking this up in different shades, I have my eye on 'Cherry Me'...