Saturday, 17 August 2013

Going for Grunge

Boots - Topshop (old)

If my friends were asked to describe my general style, I'm 100% sure 'grunge' would not even cross their minds. Now that the A/W clothes are coming into shops, I'm excited to start experimenting with my clothes and go a bit out of my comfort zone. Although this outfit may not be the most 'grungy' or cool, it's a step in a new direction for me. Plus it's so damn comfy

I made this post instead of doing some of my holiday work, of which I have BILLIONS. I got my AS results a couple of days ago, and now I have to come back to reality and start doing some of the work which has been piling up since the end of exams. After I've watched a couple of films and baked a few cakes of course, t is a holiday after all! 

Plus, I really need to do some work on my poses...