Saturday, 17 August 2013

Going for Grunge

Boots - Topshop (old)

If my friends were asked to describe my general style, I'm 100% sure 'grunge' would not even cross their minds. Now that the A/W clothes are coming into shops, I'm excited to start experimenting with my clothes and go a bit out of my comfort zone. Although this outfit may not be the most 'grungy' or cool, it's a step in a new direction for me. Plus it's so damn comfy

I made this post instead of doing some of my holiday work, of which I have BILLIONS. I got my AS results a couple of days ago, and now I have to come back to reality and start doing some of the work which has been piling up since the end of exams. After I've watched a couple of films and baked a few cakes of course, t is a holiday after all! 

Plus, I really need to do some work on my poses...

Thursday, 15 August 2013


So, I have finally done it! I have worked out how to make a video on youtube, and also how to edit it/speed it up to create a quick overview of how I decorate cakes. I videoed this yesterday, as I was having some friends over, and so I was a bit rushed and didn't have all the decorations I would have liked! It was great fun to make, and I'm excited to make some more very soon.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Day at the Zoo

A few days ago, I went to London Zoo for the first time. It was so exciting, I had never seen so many animals so close up before. My favourite animals were, by far, the Galapagos tortoises and the giraffes. I could have stayed there for days (except my feet were very tired from the walking and the chips were very overpriced). I would definitely recommend London Zoo for anyone who wants an interesting day out, it wasn't too busy despite it being in the middle of the summer holidays, and there are so many things to see, you cannot get bored!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bitter Disappointment

Recently, I've been trying out new, different recipes. Most of my inspiration for new things is from the internet. Sadly, a lot of this is unreliable. I have wasted so much time, effort and money baking things which just turn out sh*t. It's very frustrating, as the excitement of a new recipe being replaced by disappointment just isn't fun.

I made these brownies today, following a Donna Hay recipe I found in Living Etc. I followed the recipe to a T, but sadly it turned out different to the photographs. The caramel was far too sugary, with the rice krispies turning very chewy rather than crunchy. Also, the ganache recipe was horrendous. 

I don't know if the recipes just aren't being tested properly, or if editors are tinkering with the recipe before print. Either way, it definitely isn't my fault. I think. With regard to the internet, I'm going to have to be a lot more careful with the recipes I try. I made these recently, and they came out of the oven a sugary mess. ONE POUND OF SUGAR?! It's a crazy recipe. I will no longer be so trusting. 

Hopefully I can find some more reliable and trustworthy recipe sources. Back to the cook books I go.