Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dip Dyed Hair

I had my hair dip dyed blonde in Summer last year, at BLEACH London. It was one of the best things I've ever done! The bleach lasted ages as they bleached it from quite high up, meaning it has only just grown out. I was asked so many times over the year whether I had had it re-dyed, as it just seemed to keep getting blonder. As it was reaching its end, I decided to finally dip dye the remaining blonde bits purple before I had it all cut out.


I used Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights in Purple Punk, which is a vibrant semi-permanent colour. I enlisted the help of my mum, who graciously followed my directions without too much fuss. We dyed the hair in sections, and wrapped the individuals bits in foil. Before dying all my hair, I did a few test strands, and realised it was much better to leave the dye in for about 40 minutes, otherwise it wasn't as bright as it could be.

The results were definitely as good as I hoped for, and after a couple of washes the colour began to fade to a beautiful bright pink, before a lighter pink which looked great too. As my hair was bleached before I did it, I think this gave a better result (especially on brown hair, it would never have showed up otherwise).  

When I had my hair cut, the hairdresser even asked if it was done professionally, and although my mum likes to think it was due to her 'pro touch', I'm pretty sure it was my brilliant instruction which gave a great end result. (Take that Jane)

What do you think?