Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Checkerboard Cake

So, it's finally summer! A long holiday and sunshine all at once, and what do I do to celebrate? I bake a cake of course! I'm not great in the heat, so after about 20 minutes I get quite bored, and what better way to fix that boredom than with a slightly more challenging cake? Today, I decided to go for a checkerboard cake, after watching an episode of Cake Boss and realising it looked like a fun cake to make.

I baked a vanilla sponge with sprinkles and glitter inside, and a chocolate sponge. I then used a 6 inch cake tin and a circle cut out of paper to create three circles from each cake.

Next, I put the circles inside one another like this:

As I'm still in a very chocolatey mood after giving up chocolate for the entirety of June, I decided to go for a chocolate buttercream. For some reason, I thought piping on the cake would be a good idea - I've definitely been watching too much Cake Boss, I keep forgetting I'm not Buddy Valastro. So the piping is pretty awful, but it was a decent effort.

Once I cut into the sponge, I knew it was worth the extra effort. This technique produces a very cool effect and I definitely want to try it again. Beware though  - the sponge can fall apart if your circles aren't tight enough (but I'm blaming my cake's instability on the hot weather).

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