Monday, 25 March 2013

Rainbow Cake

Being the baking control freak I am, I steadfastly refuse to allow anyone else to bake my birthday cake each year. This 5-layer rainbow glory was made two years ago, for my 15th birthday. I loved making it, the colours and the icing and the rainbow nerds, it was so much fun! I definitely need to make another one of these cakes very soon, can anyone suggest a good colour scheme? Perhaps I could even add a couple more layers... 

Photographs courtesy of my mum


  1. gosh this looks wonderful. How about a cake in various shades of coffee/chocolate/ vanilla, or is that too plain?

    1. thank you! Oooh that could work, may have to brighten up the colours though!

  2. Wonderful Cake! We had to find the very same cake in this book out of the library (in which lots of little treats have to be found on each page - a bit like "Where's Wally?" - but rainbow cake type objects instead!)...