Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Habby-bo Birthday

It's my friend's birthday today, and every year I bake her a cake. This year, despite the fact that I had school all day and a concert last night, I managed to create this haribo-rific offering! Having just finished the cake, the lighting is terrible so I apologise for the quality...

This vanilla cake is covered in Haribo Strawbs, Happy Mix and Gummi Bears, as well as red/pink frosting and edible glitter. Birthday cakes are definitely one of my favourite things to make, the sponge is quick and easy to bake, and the possibilities of icing colours, decorations, patterns and glitter-ifcation are endless! I see baking as a bit of a colourful experiment, no place for timid pastels here!

Hopefully Eloise will like the cake, and when I unveil it in the common room tomorrow, let's hope for a warm reaction!