Thursday, 28 February 2013

Freedom! Of Sorts...

AS Level mocks are over! Another year, another set of pretty meaningless exams I just didn't revise for...

The second our Spanish exam finished, my teacher told us she had emailed us all with an essay in for Tuesday! Just as we thought we'd gotten away with a lazy 3 day weekend... It'll be quite a busy three days; got to perfect two english pieces of coursework, and now write a spanish essay! Then a driving lesson and babysitting tomorrow, having a trial shift at work on Saturday and seeing my boyfriend on Sunday, should be a good one! Plus, on Monday, I have a concert at school!

I'm so glad mocks are over, everyone did so much revision whilst I sat listening (and learning off by heart...) the songs from the American Graffiti soundtrack - my favourites have got to include: Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey, That'll be the Day - Buddy Holly and Teen Angel - Mark Dinning. Gotta love the old school classics!

For tonight, I'm going to snuggle up in my dragon Kigu, bop around on Stumbleupon, and admire my new disco pants - watch this space for a post showing them off!

What are you planning for this weekend?