Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Parisian Pipe Dream

Earlier today, whilst procrastinating from doing any revision, I was flicking through the Financial Times Magazine when I stumbled upon a page about the re-vamp of eclairs in Paris. After reading the article, I have been inspired to whisk myself away to Paris for a day to buy eclairs, macaroons and as many truffles as can fit in my bag. However, it would appear I am currently a little too poor to afford the Eurostar return trip.

My mother, being the creative genius that she is, decided to egg me on in this pursuit of Parisian ecstasy, and found two books filled from cover to cover with beautiful pictures of patisseries a Paris. 

After reading and re-reading the books (or, in the case of the Japanese book, drooling over the pictures), I have decided it would be very beneficial to my appetite to take a lonely day trip to Paris. If you book far enough in advance, the Eurostar even let you get a £66 return ticket, which I may just have to book... 

I have visited Paris a few times before, with my mum and on a disastrous school exchange. I stayed a week with the most draining, timid Parisian girl you could have dreamt of. The experience really put me off Paris, and France in general, but since taking my French GCSE (A* thank you very much) I have re-discovered the beauty of Paris, and the incredible food to be found within.

I really want to visit L'eclair de Genie, L'atelier de l'eclair, Angelina, Le Bon Marche and countless other patisseries. I better start saving, or this trip will remain a pipe dream for far too long.


  1. Lovely post, the little book would make such a nice gift :)

    Dusterknuckles | I'm Having A Celine Giveaway

  2. Ah I'd love to be whisked away to Paris!


  3. Ahhh looks amazing!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  4. Ahha ! I've tested Angelina there are two weeks, the prices are up but it's nice !

    1. Really? That's a shame, but I suppose it's worth it for the food, is it as delicious as it looks?