Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Beginnings

- generic new year post -

I thought it would be a clever idea if I listed the things I hope to do this year, or at least attempt to do/achieve, so here goes:
  1. Give up a different thing each month - be it food, a drink, a habit, just some way to improve myself and teach myself self-discipline and will power. January's item is chocolate (warning: it is HELL).
  2. Try hard at school - now that GCSEs are over, and seeing as I didn't actually do that much work in the two years (I got set almost no homework, although I managed to come out with 10 A*S... how?!), I need to pick up my socks and work hard. I put a lot of pressure on myself in my academics, and with my GCSE results, I really want to achieve highly in my AS exams. Also, in lessons I almost never contribute, simply because I get very shy and awkward when I know other people can hear me. I need to GET THE F*CK OVER THIS and start answering questions, especially in Spanish - I need to embody a Spanish persona and just never shut up!
  3. Blog - having started this blog after spending the past year in love with other blogs and on tumblr, I want to keep at it and make this something I'm proud of. This means taking more photographs, doing lots more baking, and generally being better, which are all things I love doing, thank God!
  4. Get healthier - at the moment, my diet consists of pepsi max, any junk food I can find, chicken sandwiches and alphabetti spaghetti. I'm heading to Spain in the summer for two weeks, and I would love to strut on the beach being proud of who I am. I have been self conscious all my life, and I need to start getting proactive and do something about it!
  5. Exercise more - this is pretty much the same as the one above, but as well as eating healthy I need to do more exercise. I detest exercise, so I need to get my arse back in the gym and force myself to those zumba classes. The feeling you get after you've been healthy and exercised a lot is unparalleled, and if I'm going to be baking more I definitely need to burn it off!
  6. Be nicer - I want to pay as many compliments as I can this year, and be a more respectful and caring person, however I'm not going to cut down on my swearing (too much fun).
There are probably more things that I've forgotten and may add to this post later, but for now that's just a general idea of things I want to do this year! I'm going to have to refer back to this post in December and see how I've done. Wish me luck!