Tuesday, 29 January 2013


In my school work I am normally the most organised, scared-of-missing-deadlines type person, however with this blog I just cannot start doing things! I've been putting off moving my drum kit back into the house since the beginning of the year, why did I think that setting up a camera and blog would be any different?! I really, really need to get cracking and serious about this blog!

With my AS level mocks coming up in just over 3 weeks, I don't really have a large amount of time to work with, especially as I have plans every Saturday during the evening & day for the next few weeks, and then Sunday I must work, it really isn't looking too good! However, I want this blog to work. I want to create something I'm proud of. That involves photos.

In the next few weeks, if I still haven't taken any photos due to me being a lazy shit then I will find photographs taken from the past, either by me or my mum, and I will be writing about those.

Otherwise, I may be updating you with random goings-on in my life - lent, Valentine's Day, half term, mocks, coursework, young enterprise, music, etc. etc.

I hope to keep you entertained... Tell me if there's something you'd like me to talk about!