Monday, 7 January 2013


This is a bit of a rant about my experience with Boohoo, simply because I'm too lazy to take any photos of anything right now...

I recently ordered a Boohoo sequinned bralet after seeing it featured on llymlrs blog, and really liking it. The first time I had ordered from Boohoo, I ordered a pair of shoes in size 7, but was sent them in size 4. The cheeky buggers then proceeded to charge me £2.50 or so to pay for a return to stock! After this, I thought I just wouldn't order from them again. However, being the benevolent, forgiving (and evidently modest) person that I am, after seeing this top I thought they were worth a second chance. I WAS WRONG. They sent me the top, in the right size, however the zip was completely broken. I am very unimpressed with this service, as it's clear they do not check their stock before they send it out, and as this has now happened twice, I will most definitely not be shopping with them again! 

Disappointing to start my blog off with a negative review, but I feel I need to share my bad experience with Boohoo with anyone who is unfortunate enough to stumble upon this blog.